Draw what you hear

Today’s sketch was an exercise. I set myself the test of listening to a story and simultaneously sketching out the picture that formed in my head. I chose a reading of ‘The House on the Borderland’, which was written by William Hope Hodgson in 1908…and is a very spooky tale.

This ‘sketching while listening’ was pretty challenging for me (I kept wanting to just listen to the story!) – but definitely a useful exercise. While the results are pretty rough and ready, it forces you to just hurry on up and get the ideas down, as there’s no time to obsess over the detail.

It’s a good way to capture your visual ideas, which can then be worked up into something more polished later on.



Creepy and Crawly

This was a quick pic inspired by a nature programme. This little guy is an acorn weevil. They’re really, really small…and strangely cute!

A drawing a day by Bee
9th May 2016 – Acorn Weevil

This one is destined for further ‘cutification’ (yes, I make up my own words sometimes…), so watch this space for updates 🙂

A drawing a day

To kick-start the blog, I thought it might be fun to challenge myself to make a new drawing each day.  The aim of these doodles is to put down on paper whatever pops into my little head and (hopefully) gain inspiration along the way. I’ll be drawing daily and sharing throughout each week…for the next year. Wish me luck!


A drawing a day by Bee
7th May 2016

This first picture is for my Mum…it’s based on a character and pose she taught me to draw when I was very small, and it’s still a go-to doodle to this day 🙂