Wild Botanicals

A pattern swatch today. While I designed it with my art nouveau project in mind, I’m liking the idea of this as a fabric print – perhaps fashioned into an elegant tea dress for a summer afternoon.

I feel the sewing machine calling 🙂



A Golden Glow

Today’s flower is the Lesser Celandine – known in some places as April’s Eye. A cheery little flower that lasts through the spring, only to fade as the summer begins, its golden glow absorbed by the glory of the prevailing sun.

A Drawing A Day by Bee

The Question of Love

The Day’s Eye opens again today. This little image represents the Common Daisy, kin to the Oxeye. Giggling girls would sit weaving them into garlands on sunny afternoons, like Norns in miniature, dreaming their fates. I hear their quiet chants…he loves me, he loves me not…cast like petals into the breeze.

A Drawing A Day by Bee

Memories of Eden

Legend places the Forget-Me-Not in the Garden of Eden.  The flowers are a symbol of steadfastness and fidelity; and – like the poppy – are associated with remembrance.

In my memory, Forget-Me-Not clusters gleam gem-like, drawing the eye, tiny fragments of summer sky.


A Pocketful of Luck

Today’s image is for those long-lost days of summer when, skin warmed and rosy-cheeked, we would go hunting the elusive four-leafed clover, like pilgrim foragers in the fields of good fortune. Such small things to be so prized, soon withering in eager hands – but treasured nonetheless.


A Pocketful of Stories

Capsella bursa-pastoris is a pretty little plant. The heart-like seed cases have inspired the  common name of Shepherd’s Purse, though it’s also been known by such names as St. James Weed, Lady’s Purse, Witches Pouch and Mother’s Heart … the stuff from which stories are made.


A Dream in Scarlet

The poppy is a flower laden with symbolism. To some it is the flower of remembrance; to others it speaks of the hope of resurrection. By virtue of its narcotic qualities, the poppy is both a source of dreams and the stuff of nightmares. The wild poppy is a paradox, apparently fragile yet grabbing onto life in seemingly desolate places.

To me, the flowers evoke memories of long-ago summers, brief but still shining in the mind’s eye – like the poppy itself.


The Day’s Eye

One of my favourite flowers is the daisy. So sweet and pretty.

The name ‘daisy’ is thought to be derived from the Old English dæges eage – ‘Day’s Eye’ – as it opens its petals with the morning.

Today’s image, continuing the flower theme, represents the Oxeye Daisy or Leucanthemum Vulgare, sometimes known as the ‘common daisy’, ‘dog daisy’ or ‘moon daisy’.

A Drawing A Day by Bee
16th May 2016