Something fishy

Fish are kind of weird.  I enjoy watching them, wondering what they think about,  as they fly around in their watery world, clouds of colour on flippery wings.

The beautiful colours and iridescence make them fun to draw, whether you’re aiming for a realistic rendering, or a quick, colourful doodle like this one. 🙂

Super Silly

A quick doodle today of an everyday item which, despite its potential for usefulness, is frequently overtaken by silliness… but often in a way that is oh-so-lovely!

I really miss wearing silly shoes (my joints and muscles no longer allow for such fripperies!) … so I enjoyed making this simple picture 🙂

The Witch in the Wood

This little doodle was inspired by a knot in the wood on the side of a bookshelf that lives near the door to the garden.

I love the part of our human minds that sees images where they don’t really exist – faces in clouds, dragons in the fire, or fairies at the bottom of the garden. This tendency to see patterns in random arrangements of light is well documented and is thought to be important to our basic survival instincts… a way of identifying potential threats to our safety.

Yet here I am, using that same skill to tell myself a story about a tiny little witch in the woods. Our minds are wonderfully clever and wonderfully silly at the same time. I see it as a reminder: we can do some pretty amazing things… but it’s good not to take ourselves too seriously. When we play, we open doors to new and interesting things 🙂