Time to Play

Sometimes you just need to stand back, down tools and head for the sandpit. Blow bubbles, get yourself elbow deep in finger-paints, or make custard-angels.*

So, with this in mind, I’ll be working on the – very loose – theme of ‘Silliness’.


Play is important; it helps recharge the batteries, boosts creativity, revives the flagging spirit etc. All of that good stuff.

I haven’t been doing enough of that so … here goes.

Who’s with me?

*  Perhaps don’t try this one at home; while it is possible – Science Fact! – to walk on custard**, I suspect lying down on the stuff might be pushing things a little.

**  Because custard is a non-Newtonian liquid.


Painting in 3d – Part The First


This picture shows the first pass at painting my snail character. This virtual ‘paint’ job was done mostly in the modelling software, using the built-in painting tools. However, I’ll do more work on this in a separate graphics programme – I find there’s a lot more scope for refinements that way.

This is a pretty rough and ready render of the character – setting up good lighting and camera rigs is an art-form in itself … and something I tend to tackle when all the modelling and painting tasks are done 🙂

Ice-creams all round!

Nothing beats a nice, cool cone on a hot summer’s day  at the beach – yum! Hopefully those seagulls won’t be hanging around this time.

This picture is partially inspired by a picture dictionary I had as a child – the simple shapes and bold colours always appealed to me – it had a cheery, summery feel that I’ve tried to capture here.