Wild Botanicals

A pattern swatch today. While I designed it with my art nouveau project in mind, I’m liking the idea of this as a fabric print – perhaps fashioned into an elegant tea dress for a summer afternoon.

I feel the sewing machine calling 🙂



Decorative notions

Today I’ve made some decorative vector brushes to use in my projects – they’ll make nice page borders and dividers. To make them, I start with hand drawn elements, then convert them to vector format before defining how the brush will work.


There’s also a simple acorn pattern, continuing with the natural elements I’ve been including in this week’s designs. Like the brushes, I’ve been making this week’s patterns from simple, hand-drawn elements, which I then digitise to make a seamless repeat.

Happy Saturday 🙂


Designy stuff

This week, I’ll be focusing on pattern and embellishments. I’ll be drawing inspiration from from art nouveau to create a collection of decorative items I can use in both my 2d and 3d projects.

Today I’ve made a repeat pattern – so much fun to do, and always useful to have ‘in stock’ 🙂