Time to Play

Sometimes you just need to stand back, down tools and head for the sandpit. Blow bubbles, get yourself elbow deep in finger-paints, or make custard-angels.*

So, with this in mind, I’ll be working on the – very loose – theme of ‘Silliness’.


Play is important; it helps recharge the batteries, boosts creativity, revives the flagging spirit etc. All of that good stuff.

I haven’t been doing enough of that so … here goes.

Who’s with me?

*  Perhaps don’t try this one at home; while it is possible – Science Fact! – to walk on custard**, I suspect lying down on the stuff might be pushing things a little.

**  Because custard is a non-Newtonian liquid.


Painting in 3d – Part The Second

So now I’ve done a bit of work on smoothing out the paint and adding some texture to the snail. I’ve also started to add in some relief to the skin surface, and some shine in places – that way he’ll catch the light nicely when he’s moving abut in his virtual world.

I’d better start thinking of snail names…



Painting in 3d – Part The First


This picture shows the first pass at painting my snail character. This virtual ‘paint’ job was done mostly in the modelling software, using the built-in painting tools. However, I’ll do more work on this in a separate graphics programme – I find there’s a lot more scope for refinements that way.

This is a pretty rough and ready render of the character – setting up good lighting and camera rigs is an art-form in itself … and something I tend to tackle when all the modelling and painting tasks are done 🙂

Drawing in 3d

I’ve decided I’ll spend some time concentrating on 3d modelling. Okay, so it’s not exactly drawing – but, then again, it is too.

As well as modelling and sculpting your item in 3d space, it needs painting, texturing, specular maps and so on…it’s a pretty layered process that combines technical and artistic requirements in a way I enjoy.

But then, I am a nerd.

This is the basic character model I’ll be working on this week – it’s based on one of my favourite doodle subjects! When he’s finished, I’ll rig him for animation…even more fun 🙂