Something fishy

Fish are kind of weird.  I enjoy watching them, wondering what they think about,  as they fly around in their watery world, clouds of colour on flippery wings.

The beautiful colours and iridescence make them fun to draw, whether you’re aiming for a realistic rendering, or a quick, colourful doodle like this one. 🙂


A little shade, please…

While yesterday’s little crab characters may like to come up for some sunshine, not everyone feels the same way. The ancestors of the Manatee are believed to have forsaken the land in order to set up home in the ocean. They’re sometimes called Sea Cows.


The Mysterious Deeps


This week I’ll be looking at the inhabitants of the big blue. The sea has long held a fascination for me – compelling and terrifying in turn.

The world below the waves is a strange country, filled with myriad amazing and beautiful creatures.