Skeleton time…

So now I need to work on rigging my snail character and setting up the actual animation.

In today’s sketch, I’ve planned out the basic components of the armature I’ll make. It should allow my character a decent range of motion, without being overly complex.


Then comes the time-consuming stuff … rendering even a short 3d animation takes time and processing power, so for a while this will be a background task, ‘off camera’ – though I’ll share some screen-shots along the way 🙂

Alongside the animation then, I’ll be working on some more 2d work which I’ll be posting here – back tomorrow with more on that 🙂




Today’s image is a test-drive of some hand-drawn lettering for my animation’s title sequence, which will be 2D rather than 3D.

I’ll do some smoothing and other tweaks, then save the individual letters as vector images, so it should animate easily when the time comes 🙂



Made a start on a mushroom house to add to my little snail’s 3D world. This is the basic shape and some base colours. I’ll do some work on the stalk to make it more curvy in places; and the colours will be given more details and texture on the next pass. Fun!


Painting in 3d – Part The Second

So now I’ve done a bit of work on smoothing out the paint and adding some texture to the snail. I’ve also started to add in some relief to the skin surface, and some shine in places – that way he’ll catch the light nicely when he’s moving abut in his virtual world.

I’d better start thinking of snail names…



Painting in 3d – Part The First


This picture shows the first pass at painting my snail character. This virtual ‘paint’ job was done mostly in the modelling software, using the built-in painting tools. However, I’ll do more work on this in a separate graphics programme – I find there’s a lot more scope for refinements that way.

This is a pretty rough and ready render of the character – setting up good lighting and camera rigs is an art-form in itself … and something I tend to tackle when all the modelling and painting tasks are done 🙂

Drawing in 3d

I’ve decided I’ll spend some time concentrating on 3d modelling. Okay, so it’s not exactly drawing – but, then again, it is too.

As well as modelling and sculpting your item in 3d space, it needs painting, texturing, specular maps and so on…it’s a pretty layered process that combines technical and artistic requirements in a way I enjoy.

But then, I am a nerd.

This is the basic character model I’ll be working on this week – it’s based on one of my favourite doodle subjects! When he’s finished, I’ll rig him for animation…even more fun 🙂