Start at the very beginning

It’s that time again – the business cards need a refresh. Today I have been playing with ideas for a new design.

After a bit of head-scratching I decided to base the illustrative components around the practical aspects of image making. As a starting point, I sketched out some of the basic tools of the trade.

I’d like to incorporate some of these as elements of the design, but having made these sketches I decided I’d also like to include some more organic, flowing elements too.

Hurrah! An idea has begun to take shape – phew!

Back to the sketchbook for now,  before staring work on the high-res artwork 🙂


Wild Botanicals

A pattern swatch today. While I designed it with my art nouveau project in mind, I’m liking the idea of this as a fabric print – perhaps fashioned into an elegant tea dress for a summer afternoon.

I feel the sewing machine calling 🙂



Two cranes today. I love drawing birds – one of my favourite subjects, whether realistic or stylised.

My initial sketches were done with a stylus on my tablet. I then recreated them as vector drawings and blocked out some shading. I now have scalable graphics that will make nice embellishments for an art nouveau styled poster layout.


Little boxes

Some more vector brushes.

The moth pattern uses the same hand-drawn beastie I used for the repeating pattern.

The leaf and fence patterns below are drawn digitally. I’ll be adding some hand-drawn ‘finials’ to these, which will occupy any corners when using the brush to draw boxes and borders.


Decorative notions

Today I’ve made some decorative vector brushes to use in my projects – they’ll make nice page borders and dividers. To make them, I start with hand drawn elements, then convert them to vector format before defining how the brush will work.


There’s also a simple acorn pattern, continuing with the natural elements I’ve been including in this week’s designs. Like the brushes, I’ve been making this week’s patterns from simple, hand-drawn elements, which I then digitise to make a seamless repeat.

Happy Saturday 🙂