Graphite Therapy

There is something wonderfully therapeutic about making marks on a page. A simple pencil, applied to a page, provides a hypnotic pastime.

I used a sketchbook page and sat happily making marks for another digital texture. I took some snaps along the way, to show the different kinds of marks I made to build up the layers.

To test the texture  I made a quick image in a sketchbook app, using just the photo to apply the texture. I like the general effect this gives, so I’ll go ahead and make a high-resolution scan. The scanned image – after some digital tweaking – will give a much more nuanced effect when used to apply texture to a high res illustration. 

Making textures like this one is a great way to make digital artworks more organic and personal to you. They can be used singly or in combination to build up unique textures in your art.

Most importantly, though – this is loads of fun 🙂


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