Pixie Week

This week I’ve decided to focus on Pixies. I wonder about all these mythical beings – the folklore surrounding them is so diverse. Victorian sentiment has often been overlaid on earlier legends rendering them twee – and by the 1950s the poor things have to contend regularly with names like Twinklina and Pickle-Toe (okay, maybe not Pickle-Toe…but you get the idea).

A drawing A Day by BeePersonally, I prefer the temperaments of characters like Eoin Colfer‘s elves, or Terry Pratchett’s pictsies. I like my mythical beings to have some attitude.


But…I also love the prettiness of Victorian fairy art. So this week, I’m experimenting with pixies (which is, at least, better than experimenting on pixies). My aim is to find a middle ground between the realms of Victoriana and the tougher world of the 21st Century street pixie.

Throughout the week I’ll be creating my characters; by the end of the week I hope to drag them into the modern world.